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About company

The company LM Technologies s.r.o. was founded in 1998 and since of its establishment it has been specialized in proposals, operations, supplies of technologies (machines and equipment) for hazardous and non-hazardous wastes treatment and material utilization, i.e. industrial and communal wastes, including plastics.

Nowadays the company is specialized mainly in supplies and assembly of technological units for the above mentioned wastes treatment and utilization. This is equipment for chemical and physical properties treatment of the whole range of wastes by methods of stabilization or solidification, homogenization, pelletizing, crushing, separation, drying, recycling.

The supplies of equipment are solved in comprehensive way from analysis of customers‘ demands, through proposal of solution, documents handling (including documents which are necessary according to the law No. 185/2001 Coll., on wastes and implementing regulations), equipment supply and finally equipments setting in operation.

By the operation of supplied equipment it is possible to treat wastes up to a level of product. Since the operation of its own equipment the company has been a holder of a several certificates of products - filling material formed by the procedure of solidification from hazardous wastes and also plastic products (semi-vegetation grass concretes, kerbs, lock pavement) formed by treatment of mixed plastics. The patent was conferred on invention of equipment for production of pressed pieces.

In addition to equipment and the way of mixed plastics treatment there are other equipment and ways of wastes treatment filed at The Industrial Property Office. Concretely it is a production of auxilliary firing by treatment of burnable sludge in all sorts and utterly unique treatment of dross from magnesium alloys metallurgy and utilization of material formed by the process of treatment.

Contaminated soil and sludge, sludge from iron treatment, sludge from waste water (industrial water too) disposal plants, pond sludge, building wastes, dross, ash of power and heating plants, foundry dust, glass batches, cabel chips and mixed plastics belong to wastes that can be reliably treated by supplied equipment.

By its activity the company solves the needs and requirements of several industrial firms in a modern and ecological way in the fields of disposal and recycling of industrial wastes and in the field of waste management.