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solidifikace,homogenizace,solidifikační linka,peletizace,peletizační linka


List of activities:

Fieldwork, including landing of revegetation
Foundation engineering
Insulation of building
Construction work and reconstruction of industrial buildings
Family houses building


List of provided services:

analysis of customer needs,
proposal of solution,
specification of demanding documents (project documents, reports, researches, operational regulations etc.),
specification of the scope of deliveries and services,
processing of project notification or documentations pursuant to the law No. 100/2001 Coll., on environmental impact assessment,
assuring of the result of declaratory proceedings or opinion to environmental impact assesment of the project,
building-technological investigation,
comprehensive project preparation,
processing of documentation for area management,
processing of documentation for building proceedings (building licence),
assuring of statements of public network and trunk lines administrators,
proceeding with public authorities and organizations and state administration authorities,
assuring of issue of competent authorities decisions and declarations,
assuring of issue of area decision and building licence,
settlement of coming into force,
preparation and check of papers for final building approval,
final building approval,
final setting of supply,