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solidifikace,homogenizace,solidifikační linka,peletizace,peletizační linka

Solidification and homogenization

Solidification, stabilization or inertising of waste are technological procedures which change its geomechanical, physical and chemical properties and its chemical and mineralogical composition too. Treated waste are better workability, consolidated, less water permeability. Leaching of injurant by water is markedly reduced. These changes are permanent. Procedures shown are conducting by mixing of various sorts of waste or by addition of bonding material.


easy manipulation with treated waste, or material,
lower costs of treated waste treatment, or material,
reduction of dangerous properties or its total elimination,
possibility of treatment to certificated material,
more possiblities of treated waste reuse, or material.

Particularly dangerous wastes are treated by method of solidification for the purpose their reuse. Wastes from surface treatment of iron are treated by our company up to the level of a certified product „filling material“. Processed material can be used for covering of dump sites, partition barriers and filling material into the mining area. Based on the achieved results the company is holder of three certificates for products of dangerous wastes

Products from wastes.

Possibilities of solidification method for purposes:

building of stemming constructions in landfills,
disposal of old ecological load,
recovery of filling and redevelopment material in mining,
recovery of filling material for underground buildings,
recovery of additives for problematic and dangerous waste.

Areas of use of solidification and stabilization lines and processed staffs:

Odpady tuhé, sypké, těžitelné a čerpatelné: Solid, loose, extractable and pumpable wastes:

Contaminated soils and sludge
Sludge from treatment of iron
Sludge from waste water disposal plants
Sludge from industrial waste water disposal plants
Pond sludge
Building wastes
Fly ashes

Additives reducing wetness:

Dry and sprinkled fly ashes

Stabilization additives:

Fly ash

Water added to mixture to achieve the desired content of wetness.

Further possibilities of use:

Aplication of enzymatic solutions

Mobile solidification line

Since 2002 our company has been developing mobile equipment for hazardous waste treatment and utilization is able to be used in a place of their appearance and thanks to which transportation costs into a place of storage or in a place of treatment in stationary equipment would be reduced.

After the start of testing operation of solidification line in 2002 there were some engineering deficiencies found in a mixing part or in a homogenizing part where current screw compounders did not ensure complete mixing mainly of adhesive material. There also occured sticking of material and finally blockage of whole compounders. Screw componders were replaced by a blade mixer that is able to mix up at 100 % and easy move of material dueto an appropriate design of mixing blades ensuring interspace cleaning between them during their operation. The blade mixer and mixing blades are made from carbon steel with higher resistance against frictional wear. Mixing blades have outer outline surface provided with shaped plates from HARDOX steel. Transmission gears in a drive were changed too.

Mobile solidication line (MSL) in this technical version is able to, according to approved recipes, treat wastes with moisture from 10 to 80 %, with various types of additives, up to a level of certificated material. see: Products from wastes

The company applicated a utility design at The Industrial Property Office for the specific way of treatment of hazardous wastes in MSL – products of alternative or auxilliary firing. see: Patents and utility designes

Our company operand the MSL from 2004 to 2006 on state orders for disposal of old ecolocial load from industrial area of Válcovny plechu a.s. in Frýdek Místek and Železárny Chomutov a.s. In these orders that were under the view of ČIŽP, FNM, MF, MŽP and supervizory organization hazardous wastes were treated up to the level of a certificated filling material that was, in regard to its suitable chemical and geomechanical properties, reused for recultivation of dumping (for example for creeping of dumping figure etc.) and like a filling material of the mining area too. In total, on both state orders, there were treated 100 615 tons of hazardous wastes and from that almost 80 000 tons of a certificated product.

Description of mobile solidification line

The mobile solidification line is able to mix and homogenize mixtures and loose materials, traper soils, dusts and pumpable sludges for chemical a physical properties treatment of wastes, mainly hazardous wastes by methods of stabilization, solidification and possibly biodegradation.

The resulting product can be so called stabilizát i.e. product in stabilized conditions that is suitable for ecological dumping or a certificated product. It is a filling material that originates by homogenization of neutral sludges and additives according to recipes. Because of geomechanical properties the filling material can be reuse like closing, compact travel layers, for refilling of material balancing or for dumping recultivation. Nowadays our company has three certificates and building-technical attests of the above mentioned products. see: Products from wastes .

The amount of supplied raw materials and wastes depends on a relevant recipe, on physical a chemical properties of current wastes and on demands on quality of resulting product - stabilizát. Relevant recipes of treatment are always predefined and precertified in a laboratory and include data of individual components proportions (waste, water, lime, cement, ash and other solid additives), the sequence of their addition and other necessities.

The mobile version has advantages that raise its utility value e.g.:

transposition in dumping area by shifting on terrain or transport by truck,
minimum cost of construction work during installation (it is not necessary to attach the line to foundation), only clearance fit on even ground
or on hard surface (e.g. concrete panels),
without building licence.
In case of waste processing it is necessary to operate with approval of competent state administrative authorities. See: Engineering (services) .

The line in a basic version is intended for handling by lifting – hanging ring lugs on sidewalls of a supporting structure. The main supporting structure is made strenghtly so that is possible, after complete discharge, to handle the line in one piece, without disassembly or without modifications of individual line parts.

Simplified description of the mobile solidification line:

main supporting structure with service deck and ladder,
hoppers for proportioning of wastes and additives,
continuous two-spindle mixer for mixing of stabilizát,

Other components of technology supply: pipeline wiring of water with relevant fittings and regulation line, electric wiring and switchboard with a control panel. The solidification line is replenished with a hopper with screw conveyor, silo with filter and proportioning turnstile, screw conveyor and staging belt conveyor. After instalation of specified add-on equipment other additives can come into the line (according to given recipes), e.g. ash, cement, lime, crushed aggregate.